About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Raven and i am The Nubian Traveller. I am a third year Graduate Medical Student (penultimate year medic) in London, with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical science, an MSc in Health and International development, with a specialisation in Population studies, and a Associate of Kings College London degree. I am passionate about travelling, seeking and gaining new experiences, and living a life without regrets. So I created this blog to encourage people to travel and reflect on the many ways travelling has helped, to learn about new topics and to share my passions, knowledge and understanding of Global health, health inequities, population studies, demography, women’s health and mental health. Issues I believe affect our lives and our development, far beyond the short term

Whilst here, you’ll find information on:

  • My travel stories and experiences as a black woman
  • Money Saving tips
  • Mental Health
  • Global Health
  • Beauty
  • more!

Over the last few years, I have been travelling to a few different cities, as a very effective stress reliever during difficult and stressful periods in my life (I have been in Academia for too long). It has also led to a lot of new and incredible life experiences, and self-discovery in ways that I could have never imagined. All of that forced me to create this blog and share with you all my experience of travelling around the world as a young black woman, the importance of positive mental health and the health benefits (and risks) of travelling, but most importantly, to hopefully encourage and inspire others to be open minded, travel widely, leave their comfort zones, and reap the many benefits, wonders and beauty of it.

Whats the difference between this and other travel blogs you may ask? Well firstly, there are no sponsored contents here. Anything I recommend are things that I have either used/experienced for myself, or i have independently and extensively researched. All the trips that i go on are paid for independently using savings or awards, which is why you’ll also find content on money saving tips, budgeting, and travelling on a limited budget. That being said, I always choose comfort over savings so I don’t necessarily use the cheapest flights or hotels, but rather the most comfortable at my price range. Cheap/budget airlines also often come with caveats that can easily make them more expensive than a non-budget airline, so make sure you research and read the small print!

Secondly, you’ll find a lot of information here on Travelling, mental health, global health and women’s health issues. One of the main reasons why I enjoy travelling so much is for the many health benefits that I have personally experienced from it. I have experienced periods of low mood, anxiety and feeling burnt out in the past, and whenever I was at my lowest, there was nothing quite like travelling and experiencing somewhere new to bring everything back into focus. I’m not saying it’s a cure for anything, but it can push you out of your comfort zone, stimulate and inspire your mind with new experiences, people etc, bring about self reflection/self realisation by giving you some time to think, and it can just be great fun, all of which will definitely energise you. Also, as a black person living in London, it’s an effective way to get some much needed vitamin D

Finally, I have a lot of experience of Neuroscience and Psychiatry, going as far as majoring in Clinical Neuroscience, behavioural medicine, and psychology and Psychiatry of the mind during my final year of my Biomedical Science degree and writing a paper on addictions and drug abuse that was published!!. So be assured that I share information with a level of understanding and often personal experience. For those interested, I have another blog, on being a black woman in STEM, getting into medical school, graduate entry medicine, study tips, life as a medical student. etc.  It is www.medicalambitions.com Studying Graduate entry medicine, following a science degree, and later on a Master of Science degrees given me a unique perspective and understanding into the subject, and into University Life. If you include studying abroad and summer schools, I have studied at 7 universities, across 4 countries (for now). After all these years, I have definitely learnt what helps and what doesn’t in regard to studying efficiently, student life and pursuing extra-curricular activities. i want to share tips and things that worked for me, and could possibly also work for you.

Always feel free to comment and share your feedback and thoughts on anything else you would like to read (within my remit). I hope you enjoy Raven’s Odyssey and Thank you for visiting,