10 productive things you could do while Self-isolating/in lockdown

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all home and staying safe from #COVID19. I am writing this list as much for myself, as I am for you. As someone who has lived alone for over 10 years, an introvert and proud homebody, I know a lot about being productive and entertaining yourself whilst you’re at home. So I wrote this quick list for anyone wondering what to do while Self-isolating or living in a country on lockdown.

10) Create:

I have to start with the obvious. But i am sure there are many of you out there who are creative in some way or another. Love writing? create a blog and start writing. Love making videos? starting a YouTube channel is free. Podcast, website, whatever it is that you’ve wanted to do but never felt like you had the time to, why not just go for it now. if anything just to stop you from refreshing the latest Covid19 numbers

9)’Clean house – clear head’

I don’t know about you, but cleaning my personal space has always brought me peace and calmness especially in times when I feel overwhelmed, worried, stressed etc. I would definitely recommend Re-arranging, decluttering and/or improving your home with things you probably bought last year but never got round to using

8) learn how to play an instrument (if you have one)

I would definitely not recommend going out to buy/pick up an instrument in these corona times, but if you have one at home, why not learn how to play or improve your skills? I personally love music (especially creating my own), but I was never able to learn an instrument as unfortunately, we live in a society that does not prioritise or help foster musical interests or talents. I didn’t have the opportunity at school and in Nigeria, the good equipments were really expensive. But, I know the minute I can dedicate the time and money needed to do it, I would. so if you can do so now, go for it

7) Improve your existing skills:

Speaking of talents, I am sure there is something you do well very easily, or used to. So why not make it better? I used to be so good at art, and really loved it but I stopped when I moved back to London because I was so focused on getting the right grades for medical school. Now that I have lots of time on my hands, I am really excited to start drawing and painting again. I know I can’t be the only one with lost passions that could be reignited, and there’s no time like the present

6) Practice a useful skill like cycling

‘Useful’ is subjective so I am not going to say much about this, but if there is something you can do or learn now, that you either find useful or that you think will make your life easier when this is all over, then go for it. For me, that is cycling to university. Now that the roads are empty, its not as daunting to cycle and familiarise myself with the route

5) Read a novel and make it exciting by reading one from a different genre, different country etc.

Literature really has a way of transporting your mind to a different world, where only the rules of the writer matter (and preferably one without coronavirus). Whether you are a fan of reading or not, as Ru Paul always says “reading is fundamental!”. I am not gonna state or judge what you should choose to read, but if you can read something, read it.

4) Endless face masks: Take care of your skin people

This one is definitely for myself as I have way too many face masks that I still haven’t used, but putting on a face mask, or some intricate skincare routine, can help you stay calm and certain in such an uncertain time. At least you know that whenever you come out of your home, your skin will look and feel amazing.

3) Educate yourself! there are lots of free courses out there

I have come across so many free courses in the past month of self isolation. Below is a list of many, but if you exhaust them, a simple google search will show you more

2) Read practical books/websites/blogs:

Why not try to improve your skillset while self isolating. You could read books, websites or blogs by experts on topics like leadership, management, networking, increasing productivity, improving yourself etc. Youtube, TEDTalks and podcasts are also great if you’re not the biggest fan of reading.

1) Relax and Reflect

No one is productive when they are burnt out. Also I have given you 9 other ideas that will definitely keep you pre-occupied for a long time so why not spend some of that extra time sleeping in for an extra hour, taking an hour long bath, listening to your favourite songs, or meditating and just making sure you feel comfortable and happy within yourself. regardless of everything that’s happening right now and outside of your control

Me at The MSF headquarters in Geneva, unaware that this would be my last trip for a while, but now very glad I went

I really hoped you enjoyed this list. If you did, definitely like, follow and share to other people that you know will find them useful. Have a lovely Easter break!

See you on the next one! Peace and Love,


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