Budapest, beautiful but disappointing

In 2016, i became really unwell. So unwell that I eventually had to interrupt my studies from medical school shortly after starting, and take a much needed break (if I’m being honest). I was burnt out after a 3 year undergrad, and diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (don’t worry, I got used to it and it’s getting better), and i had to actively learn effective ways to reduce my stress levels. One of which I realised was travelling. My Very Low Vitamin D levels were another great indicator that I definitely needed to get out of London. I spent a few months at home in Nigeria, and on my return to London, my boyfriend and i decided to spend the weekend leading up to my birthday in Budapest

A random statue I found and liked.
The Hungarian Parliament building
The view of the Hungarian Parliament from Fisherman’s Bastion

I really enjoyed the fact that most of the important places, were at a walking distance from my hotel and also from each other. Yes, this is partially due to a strategically chosen hotel, but if you are on a short break, it’s nice when you can experience the best the city has to offer, without having to go too far out of your way. The transport links were also very good, which made it easier to go from place to place whenever I got tired of walking.

More of The Hungarian Parliament Building, as it was definitely one of my favourites
Buda Castle, viewed from Szechenyi Chain Bridge
World War 1 exhibition in Castle Garden Bazaar. I happened to stumble across this and found was only able to find the name from

Naturally i had more than a few tourist hotspots i wanted to visit

Shoes on the Danube bank. A very moving representation of the cities history

Another tip when it comes to visiting cities with a lot of tourism, and historical sites to see, is to find a site and surreptitiously follow a walking tour group. You could also check google maps and trip advisor for free walking tours as they exist in some cities

 Liberty Statue on Gellert Hill + The Citadel

I always believe that when you visit a new city, you go to the places that they have deemed the best places that represent what the city has to offer. Unfortunately but also fortunately most of these places become tourist hotspots, which make them easier to get to, as everyone knows about them, but also beware that you will most likely be ripped off as locals tend not to go there because they’re expensive.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The first set of restaurants we found were expensive and we honestly got better food from street vendors, cafes or fast food restaurants. The first day, we went to a restaurant recommended by the hotel, which was also incredibly expensive. I wanted to be adventurous and try some Hungarian food, safe to say it didn’t work out the way i hoped

A disgustingly sweet strawberry sauced beef dish
Can’t remember tbh, but it definitely tasted better than mine

I ended up eating a lot of chinese food as they were very tasty, but more importantly cheap.

Quick Birthday Girl Selfie for the last day

I didn’t get to see as much as Budapest as i would have liked, for instance i didn’t have time to go to one of their famous thermal spa’s, but I honestly wouldn’t go back (Especially Post-Brexit). I got uncomfortably stared at a lot, and was made to feel unwelcome at certain restaurants. As beautiful as the city was, it was very reminiscent of many other European cities like Milan or even London, and you more or less get the same food. So to me, i would have much more fun in those cities, and whilst getting the same cultural and architectural experience.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Peace and Love,


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