Wine tasting in and around Stellenbosch, SA – 1. Delaire Graff Estate

Disclaimer: I don’t know much about wines other than i like sweet tasting wines, and the cheaper the better. So I’d be lying if i said i went wine tasting to discover the best wine farms in the western cape of South Africa. I mainly did it to try lots of wine, at a great price, and some wine farms pair them with things like chocolate, macaroons, even pizza, so really you’d be crazy not to do it. It’s Wine + Food for at most £10

Delaire Graff Estate was the first wine farm i visited. Unfortunately, we got there late and learnt our first important lesson about wine tasting. Arrive early, 2-3pm if you want to get the most out of it as most wine farms start shutting from 5pm, and they close their kitchens even earlier

My friends walking in and being enchanted by the scenery.

Photo credit: maambele

The estate was truly beautiful and sooo big. Driving into it felt like driving into a small town and I honestly couldn’t believe that the entire estate was owned by one person. Especially when you think about the fact that many black South Africans lost their lives and lands, starting when the Dutch settlers arrived and continuing over time, till the end of the apartheid era 24 years ago. The Estate was purchased by the English jeweller Laurence Graff OBE, sometime in the early 2000s and when you see how beautiful it is, you too would want to pay whatever the cost to own it

Me marvelling at the beauty, but also pondering how all of this land belongs to one person, when South Africa is filled with townships and shacks filled with many people being bundled up into small communities

As we got there late, they were only able to do a small wine tasting for us, of 3 selections, but I was so enamored by the majesty and luxury of the estate, that I didn’t really pay much attention to the wine.

Another thing I enjoyed about the estate were the African sculptures and paintings that surrounded it and were a major part of the interior. I appreciated the fact that the owner chose to reflect the culture and beauty of South Africa, in his redesign

Maambele and I

As I could only choose 3 wines, it only made sense to go with a rose, a sauvignon blanc, and a pinotage, which is unique to South Africa. They were all good, and even the red wine was tolerable. The Sauvignon blanc as is often the case, was my favourite.

The rose was very light, sweet and refreshing and the pinotage, being red wine, was my least favourite. Which is why most of my pictures had me just holding the glass in my hand (if you cant drink it, you can probably pose with it)

After that I spent most of the time soaking up the gorgeous views, and thanking God for the ability to see and participate in activities like this in such a beautiful and marvellous country

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